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A 45 minute piece which incorporates 2 festivals, 3 gigs and a plethora of time lapses. Shot at SW4, Zoo Project Festival, Leeds Warehouse, Manchester Warehouse Project and The Ministry of Sound, ourmaninthefield aimed to capture a range of venues that were to become the backdrop of the film.

"Everyone seeks to find something different in electronic music but most come along for the ride. This is the ride we went on in producing a visual representation of the third and final iconic album in the series as we saw it. We filmed in a whole host of locations including those mentioned above as well as lost in forests in the early hours of the morning, abandoned buildings, loft spaces, under motorway bridges, on docklands, old bus depots, ruined castles, basements, tunnels, old mills, on trains, from cars and many others. We slept in quarries, on office floors, on sofas, in cars, hotels and hammocks... some nights we had no sleep at all as we collected over 100 hours of footage and approximately 40 - 50,000 photographs. This has been more than a film project, it's a trip we look back on with fond but hazy memories."

For full viewing experience this journey is better taken in the dark......… on full volume." - ourmaninthefield

To watch this film, click here. Sasha Involv3r is available at iTunes here.


Fri, 4 April 2014

Sasha Merch Competition


Sasha is giving away five signed prints from his new merch store. To enter the competition, all you need to do is submit your favourite images from a past Sasha show. Head here for more info.



Mon, 24 March 2014

Hunter/Game 'Lands' EP


Hunter/Game's new EP 'Lands' is out on Last Night on Earth. Expect to see big things from these guys! Grab your copy here!


Tue, 18 February 2014

SW4 Festival 2014


Sasha will be playing at this year’s SW4 Festival alongside Above & Beyond, Jamie Jones, and Magda! This is going to be a good one, get your tickets here.