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The emFire Collection: Mixed, Unmixed & Remixed

Cat. No: eF005
This collection features two discs packed with over two full hours of music. Disc 1 plays host to "The Remixes", which invites four of the world's most exciting producers, Slam, Audion, Radio Slave, and The Field to present their interpretations of the emFire catalogue by way of a totally unique twist. Each carefully selected artist was commissioned to provide two versions - a traditional club and alternative, leftfield mix. Disc 2 features three exclusively edited originals and the previously unreleased "Spangled Rubdub" of Coma alongside Sasha's 40 minute, mixed score to the surf film New Emissions Of Light & Sound.


  1. 1 Coma (Slam Soma Coma Mix) 5.37
  2. 2 Park It In The Shade (Audion Deep Steeple Mix) 12.19
  3. 3 Who Killed Sparky? (Radio Slave's Brookly Dub Mix) 6.48
  4. 4 Mongoose (The Field's Floating Mix) 3.21
  5. 5 Coma (Slam Paragraph Mix) 7.52
  6. 6 Park It In The Shade (Audion Ain't Got No Friends Mix) 8.35
  7. 7 Who Killed Sparky? (Radio Slave's Panorama Garage Mix) 12.12
  8. 8 Mongoose (The Field's Disco Mix) 9.18
  9. 9 Coma (Spangled Rubdub) 5.40
  10. 10 Park It In The Shade (Exclusive emFire Edit) 5.31
  11. 11 Who Killed Sparky? (Exclusive emFire Edit) 5.35
  12. 12 Mongoose (Exclusive emFire Edit) 5.03
  13. 13 New Emissions of Light & Sound (Film Score) 40.52