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  • Cat. No: MOSCD290
  • Release Date: 17-Mar-13

Sasha’s ‘Involver 3’ is one of the most anticipated electronic music albums of the year. Lying at that halfway point between traditional mix album and original work, Sasha has woven together a stunning 2 CD set, reworking each individual track into a cohesive, flowing mix that moves from shimmering Balearic ambience to deep house and atmospheric techno.

Album highlights include tracks from The XX, Little Dragon, Foals, ThermalBear, Blondes, Ananda Project, James Zabiela, Keep Shelly In Athens and beyond, plus a new production from the man himself featuring Kicki Halmos. And whether the tracks are previously unheard exclusives or known favourites, Sasha’s remixed each and every one for this album. Please see page 2 for the full tracklisting.

While many of his peers have become pallbearers for yesterday’s sounds, Sasha has remained on the bleeding edge for over two decades – not through some grand masterplan, but simply through his own appetite for new sounds and artists, and an unshakeable belief in progress. The Involver concept has always been indicative of this, each release representing a nexus of current ideas and movements within dance music.