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Who Killed Sparky? (emFire)

  • Release Date: 01-Mar-10

It's the question on everyone's lips, "Who Killed Sparky?" Originally slated as the conclusion to Sasha's three-track emFire launch, "Sparky" was the cherished, younger sibling, tipped by many for greatness. Now, in a bid to find the perpetrator of the heinous crime, Sasha releases "Who Killed Sparky?", which he describes as, "A question that must be answered. Duncan, Charlie, Barry and I have been juggling studio time, finalizing this latest track with pounding the Manhatten pavement in the vein hope we find the culprit." The result is sore eyes, ringing ears, battered footwear and another, incredible chapter in the emFire cannon; a track with the balls, brass and size to tackle its noble crusade.


  1. 1 Who Killed Sparky? 9.49